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About your student life

About your student life
  3 A: Are you a student leader at college?

  B: Yes. I've served as the monitor of our class for two years.

  A: Have you got any honors or rewards in your university days?

  B: Yes. I've been on the honor roll for three academic years.

  A: Have you been involved in any extracurricular activities at college?

  B: Yes. I've been on the college basketball team.

  A: What sports do you usually take part in at college?

  B: I sometimes play table tennis and sometimes play basketball.

  A: Is there anything you regret not having done or would like to have done differently at college?

  B: I've spent so much time on club activities during the four years. However, I've never missed any of my classes. But I think my academic records would have been much better if I had put more time and energy into studying, looking back on it.

  A: Is there any teacher who impresses you very deeply during your student life?

  B: Yes. Our maths professor has left a deep impression on me. In class, he is responsible in teaching and very strict with us students. But out of class, he treats us on his own sons and daughters. We all like him very much.


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